Truck Loan

Cash Lender Provides Cash Advance Loans on Truck up to $15,000 Even with Bad Credit.

Cash Lender provides financing of up to $15,000 to truckers who need cash. Truck Loans are available to almost anyone because we don’t look at your credit history. Even where a bank has turned you down, truckers can apply for a Cash Lender Truck Loan and secure its approval though collateral.

Applications are a simple online process that anyone can complete. We finance from light to heavy duty trucks, light and medium duty box trucks, cargo vans, trailers, flatbed trucks, yard trucks, or any other truck you may own or be interested in purchasing.

Your Truck Loan can be secured by farm equipment, a mobile home, trailer, truck or any vehicle with a clear title. All credit scores are accepted so there is no need to worry that your bad credit will prevent you from getting the cash you need.

Apply today! Cash Lender is here to guarantee you the help you need with a simple application, prompt processing and world class customer service.

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