Cash Lender provides loans with the intention of easing your financial burdens. This means that you control how you spend the money loaned to you and may use it as you choose. You can use the funds to take a vacation, pay off bills and debts, or for whatever you may need.

We use collateral to secure loans instead of granting loans based on credit history. We don’t look at whether you have bad credit history, no credit history, or even previous bankruptcy claims. By using collateral to secure loans, the loans are more accessible. You will qualify for a loan regardless of your credit score as long as you own a vehicle less than eight years old and have a steady source of income.

Loans are approved depending on the value of your assets. Your previous credit history is not taken into account. This means we don’t look at scores or previous declarations of bankruptcy.

We are happy to accept your vehicle as collateral provided that:

You own the vehicle
It has a clear title (it is completely paid for with no outstanding loans)
It is comprehensively insured to include collision
It is no more than eight years old.

No. Ownership of assets used to secured your loan remains vested in you and you remain in possession of the collateral. Cash Lender will simply have a lien on the title of the item in the event you become unable to repay your loan.

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