Home Equity Loans

Bad Credit Loans on Home Equity; Loans Against Your Home in British Columbia

All credit scores are accepted

Your home is not just a physical sanctuary to shelter you in times of emergencies but can also provide assistance when you find yourself facing economic hardships. The value of your home can be used as a source of cash when in need.

GET UPTO $25,000 NOW

The Cash Lender Home Equity Loan allows you to use the equity in your home as collateral for a loan. Unlike most lenders, Cash Lender does not look at the credit history of our loan applicants. Even with a bad credit score you can borrow up to $25,000 because the value of your loan is secured by your home.

Qualification for a Cash Lender Home Equity Loan is easy! As long as you have a steady income and own your home and your mortgage is less that 60% the value of your home, you can apply for a loan.

Your Home Equity Loan can be secured by farm equipment, a mobile home, trailer, truck or any vehicle with a clear title. All credit scores are accepted so there is no need to worry that your bad credit will prevent you from getting the cash you need.

Apply today! We guarantee you the help you need with a simple application, prompt processing and world class customer service.

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