Small Business Loans

Cash Lender truly believes that small business are the backbone of the Canadian economy and we are dedicated to supporting those who contribute so much to our nation’s economic growth.

We have customized loans of up to $15,000 to assist small businesses which need capital to get started or for growth and development. The process takes no time and minimal effort and could be the gateway to a successful business.

You could have within the next 24 hours the cash you need to purchase or improve technology and infrastructure for your business, hire consultancy services to aid in management and growth, or even to expand inventory or your business’ location.

With a Cash Lender Small Business Loan there are no hidden fees and you may use the loan for whatever your business needs. Flexibility being one of our greatest considerations, Small Business loans may be repaid from 2 to 5 years by monthly installments.

Your Small Business Loan can be secured by farm equipment, a mobile home, trailer, truck or any vehicle with a clear title. All credit scores are accepted so there is no need to worry that your bad credit will prevent you from getting the cash you need for your small business.

Apply today! Cash Lender is here to guarantee you the help you need with a simple application, prompt processing and world class customer service.

GET UP TO $25,000 NOW